Hi split-salad,

I have no problems here and can't recreate this, which only means we have a different setup, perhaps. I'm sorry that your work with the app is currently limited.

When you use the Settings>Input type, is it all the same for all three options? Does it make a difference if only the pen touches the screen or the hand at the same time? I don't expect it to be answered for me, but for tech support, so they have plenty of data and cut down the response time.

Thanks for the detailed report. My question would be, what has changed? If the Forger version has been the same for a while, that will lead to checking if the iOS version has changed. That data might be useful for tech support.

If that was already an issue for some other artists, then it is on file at tech support. I have no access to it. I could find anything "googling" it.

Please open a ticket, with all the data from your post and if you like, based on my questions:

I assume you have the latest version on your iPad.

Fingers crossed it is working in no time!

All the best