Hi Michiel van der Velden.

Please feel free to ask new questions while opening a new forum thread. If you have more questions, please do so in a new thread so the forum stays easy to search and read.
We certainly will do what we can to answer those. If I don't know it, I will ask the developers. I love first-hand information and never (well ~99%) answer from memory, as things might have changed. So I try to re-create the setup. If you have a file, that would be great.

Please let me know what your target is and what hasn't worked. I like to see this forum as a creative solution forum.

Tech support questions (crashes, bugs, licenses) please here:

I have asked IT to allow for Forger project files as an attachment option. It might take another day, as we have a holiday here today.

For any non-Forger Questions related to Maxon products, please use

My best wishes